The BLNDRS are a psychedelic rock band from Central Virginia. The four-piece rock outfit has been playing unforgivingly honest and original rock'n'roll since 2015, and has nurtured an impressive regional following. The group is best known for their creative and dynamic grooves and their unpredictable improvisation, but The BLNDRS have also come to be known for the culture of friendship, intimacy, and positivity that the band of friends exude, both on and offstage. Their self-titled EP was released in 2017, and have played over 100 shows since its debut.

Alice, Nate, Tommy, and Ben all are songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and vocalists in the band and in their personal projects. While you will undoubtedly see Ben behind the drums, Tommy playing bass, and Nate and Alice on guitar at any given show, this is in no way the limit of The BLNDRS. Consisting of four best friends, two twin brothers, and a couple, The BLNDRS have carved out their own universe of fun and friendship through the language of music. The four musicians grew up together, and have struggled and overcome together. This is evident in their collective presence, and the joy emanating from the stage along with the music.

The BLNDRS released their single, "Ends Where It Begins" in the spring of 2019 in anticipation of their upcoming full-length album to be released in the fall of 2019. They have made countless appearances at venues across Virginia and North Carolina at the Southern Cafe & Music Hall, The Camel, Misty Mountain Music Festival, Epicure Cafe, Gaffer's Pub, and the Juggling Gypsy Cafe, and have opened for several nationally touring acts such as The Jauntee, The Bumpin' Uglies, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Free Union.

The BLNDRS recently launched a side project in the fall of 2018 called The Chain Gang: The BLNDRS as the Pretenders. They have since performed several shows as The Chain Gang, even opening for Southern Accents: A Tribute to Tom Petty at the Jefferson Theater in downtown Charlottesville.